Rocky Point State Park

Opening for the first time in nearly twenty years on October 25th, 2014, Rocky Point State Park now serves as a memory for many Rhode Islanders of generation's past. Over the 150+ years of the property's existence, it has served as a location for nature trails, a ferry pier, an observation tower, hotels, clambakes, restaurants, swimming pool, rides, games, and concerts – but the attraction of 120 acres of land for public use within 10 miles of downtown Providence has been a consistent draw since 1850.

Now as the state's newest coastal state park, visitors can enjoy the property they once made so many memories at, while the younger generations of park-goers can make new ones.

If you are planning to visit the Rocky Point property, please keep in mind that this is now a passive use park, and certain guidelines exist for its preservation. The State of Rhode Island and the City of Warwick ask that you adhere to the following rules:

  1. You are welcome to visit the property, but please realize that there is very limited parking, and you should not park on the neighborhood roads.
  2. The removal of anything (natural or man-made) from the property is strictly prohibited. This includes, but is not limited to, historic remains or artifacts, and natural rock material (including fossils & minerals).
  3. For your safety, do not climb any of the structures in the park.
  4. The harming or removing of any plant or animal life is strictly prohibited. This includes hunting, or trapping, or the cutting of plants or trees. Fishing is permitted with a valid license.
  5. Overnight Camping and/or building of fires is not permitted. The property is available for day use only.
  6. The use metal detectors, or any kind of digging tools or equipment, is not permitted.
  7. Leave nothing behind. Do not litter or leave any trace of your visit. Please keep the property clean and pristine so that others may enjoy it as much as you have.
  8. Off road vehicle use is not permitted. The use of motorized dirt-bikes and ATV’s is strictly prohibited.
  9. The use of the property is “at you own risk”. Please remember that this is a very rugged natural area with many hazards and pitfalls. Hiking in the areas off the main path can be dangerous, and should be attempted by capable hikers only.

Mailing Address:

Goddard Memorial State Park
1095 Ives Road
Warwick, RI 02818

Phone [401] 884-2010
Fax [401] 885-7720

Activities to be available at Rocky Point State Park:

The property has no drinking water, toilets, communications, or emergency assistance facilities. It is recommended that you come well prepared to handle your needs during your visit.

Interested organizers of special events should fill out a Special Use Form [PDF] from this website and forward to the DEM Parks and Recreation main office for consideration.

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