Frequently asked questions about our Great Outdoors Pursuit

How much does it cost?

Registration, events and most activities are FREE thanks to the generous support of our sponsors! At some events, vendors may offer activities such as horseback riding or kayaking which may include a fee. However, the vendors often reduce the fee, sometimes as much as 50%, for registered families on the day of the event.

Who can participate?

Anyone can participate! Teams must be made up of one adult over age 18 and one child under age 18. Team members may be family, friends, co-workers, youth organizations, or other groups. Prizes are awarded per team.

How many events do I have to attend?

As many as you want! You don’t need to attend all the events, but remember the number of events you attend determines what level of prizes you are eligible for at the Grand Finale. See Game Rules for details.

Do I have to register my team?

Registration is not required. Teams/individuals that do not register are welcome to come to Pursuit events and to participate in the activities; however, they are NOT eligible for raffles or prizes.

What should I take to the events?

Please bring your team score card to all events. We’ll provide more information on what to bring for each event, but here are a few suggestions that you should always consider:

What if it rains on a scheduled event day?

Events are held rain or shine. In case of severe weather, please contact the park directly on the day of the event or visit the Great Outdoors Pursuit website for updates.