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Letterboxing in State Parklands


Discover the fun of letterboxing with your family. This intriguing "treasure hunt"-style outdoor activity challenges you to find hidden letterboxes in publicly accessible places, like parks. There are around 90,000 letterboxes hidden across North America. Starting Feb. 14, RI State Parks will join the fun by hiding letterboxes in many state parks. All you need is a notepad and a rubber stamp. You'll find the clues for each letterbox at www.letterboxing.org; enter RI State Parks in the "Search by Letterbox Name" to find letterboxes in state parks. Each letterbox contains a log book, a rubber stamp, and an ink pad. When you find the letterbox, use your stamp to leave your mark in the letterbox log book, and stamp your own log book with the letterbox stamp. Try to collect all the state park stamps! For more information email Cynthia.elder@dem.ri.gov.

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