Goddard Memorial State Park Carousel Performing Arts Building

One of the popular features of Goddard Memorial State Park was its carousel. It made its appearance in 1931 shortly after the park opened. The carousel was a product of the Charles I.D.Loof factory of Greenpoint, Brooklyn in 1890. It was set up a year later in Lakeside Park, Syracuse, New York and later moved to another park in that city. In 1901, the carousel was dismantled and sent for repairs to another Loof factory in the Riverside neighborhood of East Providence. Here, near Crescent Park which served as a kind of working ‘show room’ for Charles Loof the carousel was refitted before going to Rocky Point amusement park in 1907, entertaining thousands until 1929.

Two years later, the carousel was installed at Goddard Memorial State Park and twirled successfully until it was sold and dismantled in 1973. Intended for a California destination, it ended up in Jacksonville, Florida. The empty pavilion has since been refurbished by the park and is available for events and private parties.

Goddard Carousel Picture 1 Goddard Carousel Picture 1
Example on stage decorations for wedding receptions. Seen here is a elevated dance floor for this event. Example on stage/table decoration, white chairs were rented from and outside vendor for this event. Patrons may use the cat walk to hang banners or decorations.
Great for hanging decorations like ribbon or flowers.

Goddard Memorial State Park Carousel Performing Arts Building Rules

Please Note: Hours of operation are 7:30 A.M. to 8:00 P.M. April through October. Arrangements are to be made with the Regional Manager for hours and dates, which fall before or after those mentioned.

Contact the Goddard Permit Office to make reservations. Please view the Current Fees below for the rental fees.

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