About the Rhode Island Great Outdoors Pursuit

What is the Rhode Island Great Outdoors Pursuit?

The Rhode Island Great Outdoors Pursuit is a summer-long program to help reconnect children and their families with the great outdoors and to encourage physical activity in Rhode Island’s state parks and natural areas

How does it work?

All that is needed to play is a team with a minimum of two people (with one adult 18 years or older and one child under 18) and a desire to have a great time!

To begin, sign up here to register so you can download and print your Rhode Island Great Outdoors Pursuit Passport for each child under 18. Collect stickers at participating events and locations - some are guided events led by DEM and partners, while others teams can do on their own at specific locations. Check out the Events page to view the list of challenges.

How do I win prizes?

Teams walk, hike, bike, paddle and explore some pretty cool places in Rhode Island’s state parks and natural areas as DEM staff and partners lead the way. Your child will earn a sticker for each event or challenge in which they participate. The number of passport stickers earned determines which prizes teams can qualify to win. We may also raffle other great prizes along the way. At the end of the season, simply present your passport at the Great Outdoors Pursuit awards finale to receive your rewards.

See the 2018 award levels here.

How do I sign up?

Please register here. Once you fill out the form, you will be directed to a link to download/print game passports.

The Great Outdoors Pursuit
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Phone: (401)-667-6200
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Get Outdoors & Have Fun!