Frequently asked questions about our Great Outdoors Pursuit

How much does it cost?

Most activities are FREE thanks to the generous support of our sponsors! At some events, vendors may offer activities which may include a fee or charge admission.

Who can participate?

Anyone can participate but only children under 18 can collect stickers.

How many events do I have to attend?

As many as you want! You don’t need to attend all the events, but remember the number of stickers you earn determines the number of raffle tickets you’ll receive at the Grand Finale. Also, DEM may provide other incentives for earning a certain number of stickers.

Do I have to register?

Registration is not required. Individuals that do not register are welcome to come to RI Great Outdoor Pursuit events and to participate in the activities; however, they are NOT eligible for raffles or prizes.

What should I take to the events?

Please bring your passport to all events. View the event calendar for details on what to bring for each event, but here are a few suggestions that you should always consider:

What if I lose my Great Outdoors Passport?

If you lose your passport, you may download another. However, we do not track attendance or stickers earned so you will not be able to receive stickers for past events.

What if it rains on a scheduled event day?

Events are held rain or shine. In case of severe weather, please contact the park directly on the day of the event, visit the Events page of the Great Outdoors Pursuit website, or follow facebook and twitter for updates.